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MyTeam Advantage

Comprehensive Listing and Selling Services - covering every stage of your transactions

  • Are you thinking about growing your business?

  • Do you want better management over your time?

  • Have you considered joining a team or hiring an assistant?

MyTeam Advantage Helps You Bridge The Gap!

Job Interview

We've taken care of the hiring, supervising & payroll hassles!


We've taken care of the MLS credentials and access!

Copying Down

We've taken care of tech, training and office space!

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How do I know who my point of contact is?   

At our initial meeting to customize our services.  You will be introduced to your assistant.  They will be your direct point of contact for the transaction.  Should any situation arise where they need additional assistance, they will follow through contacting our office staff for that assistance  

What if my Sale doesn't close?

If your sale doesn't close, you will only be charged the initial $75, even if it fails the day of closing!

How do I tell MTA when I have a new sale - and what if it's on a weekend?

The best thing you can do is include your assistant as a cc: on the email where you and the other agent reach a mutual agreement.  You can email your assistant on evenings and weekends, whenever you come to that mutual agreement.  Your Assistant will write up the contract and/or process your transaction on the next business day.

I like to work with specific Title and Escrow companies when I set up my listing, is that OK?

Yes! Your checklist (above) will be customized with the name and email addresses of the contact(s) you prefer to with.   

How do I pay my assistant?

You do not need to worry about any payroll services at all.  After the 3-month Beta Test, any MTA charges will be deducted from your next commission check.

What if my Sellers decide not to sell their house after all?

Since you will not be charged until the listing agreement is signed if your clients change their minds at the last minute, the preparatory work done by the Team is considered "Prelisting" and you will not be charged.

I get a lot of Seller leads, is it OK to ask for MTA to help with those?

Yes, absolutely.  Prelisting services are complementary.

Will the Team let my clients know everything they need to know to close?

We want to enhance your relationship with your client, not replace it. By assisting you in other areas, we trust that you will have the time needed to nurture that connection and thus create life-long clients.

Will the Team schedule my inspections for me and make sure all contingencies are met?

MTA Team members are unlicensed, we will be happy to set up whatever contingency reminders are helpful for you and provide a list of available service providers to clients who request them, but we will leave all contingent scheduling and contractual approvals in your capable hands.

Should I continue to email/upload my document to DotLoop?

No. Please email all transaction documents that you have to your Assistant.  This will reduce confusion among the whole RE/MAX Pinnacle staffing group.

What kind of commitment do I need to make to this program? 

We will launch this program with a 3-month Beta Test.  After this, in order for MTA to provide adequate, fully trained, consistent staffing, there is a 6-month minimum commitment.  Naturally, if you are planning to be properly leveraged, adding staff to your team is a long-term commitment.

What if I have a question or a problem with my assistant 

Email any staffing concerns directly to Greg Fritz